Oct 152016

A big THANK YOU to the 200+ guests, including residents, dignitaries, town officials and farm neighbors, who showed up to demonstrate their support for the work of the Falmouth Land Trust during the 4th annual Harvest at Hurricane Valley Farm on September 22nd.

The event, which featured live fiddle and banjo music, local beers, and foods carefully prepared by Falmouth entrepreneurs, was a huge success as guests enjoyed a spectacular evening at the 62-acre farm setting. We raised our glasses while raising some much-needed funds and accepting pledges to continue the work. (There remains $20,000 outstanding to fully pay off the note on the farm, so additional pledges are welcome!) A stunning sunset, followed by sky full of stars and an epic 12-foot bonfire, capped off an evening of conversation, catching up, and inspired thinking about the ways to keep Falmouth a quality place to live in the face of growing development pressure along the coast.

There is an enormous amount of work to be done to protect the character of our landscape, support our local economy and maintain the quality of the Falmouth community for future generations. We greatly appreciate the generosity of our friends and neighbors who came out last Thursday to support the Land Trust in the effort.

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