May 072018

Once again local Boy Scout Troop 93 has come together to help out with conservation in Falmouth by assisting with the maintenance and improvement of Blackstrap Hill Preserve.

Troop 93 members help roll a birch off of the red trail in Blackstrap Hill Preserve.

Fifteen scouts and several parents spent Saturday May 6th clearing trees, trimming back paths, hiking out debris, and repairing the southern parking lot entrance.

A nasty pothole in the BHP parking lot.

Repair materials for the parking lot were graciously donated by the Town of Falmouth.

The nicely repaired parking lot, including improved grading between the street and the curb.

The FLT thanks Troop 93 for their ongoing commitment to improving open space in Falmouth and we look forward to working more with the Troop in the future.

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