The Falmouth Land Trust’s work would not be possible without the generous support of our individual and our corporate sponsors.

Thanks to all our friends who gave generously during the past year to support the mission of FLT.

2015 Supporters

Louise and Stuart Abramson
Judy and John Adelman
Ann and Walter Allan
Bonnie and Richard Anderson
Lora Jane and Larry Anderson
Stefan Andren
Karen and Cushman Anthony
Rachel and Thomas Armstrong
Pam and Ted Asherman
Elizabeth Baird and David Humphrey
Emily and Christopher Baker
Donna and David Banks Michael Banks
Elizabeth Barnard
Wendy and Josh Barrett
Carmela and Winston Barton
Janice and Ronald Beinema
Sarah and John Beliveau
Judy Beniot
Roger Berle
Kelly and Rick Bernier
Edie and John Boothby
Jane and Fred Bopp
Betsy Bradford
Catherine Breen and Jay Geller
Phil Brown
Sara and Martin Bruno
Janet and Phil Bruen
Rebekah and David Bucci
Kathy and Matthew Bush
Jeanie Campbell
Daniel and Madeline Carroll
David Chase
Cecilia Cierpich
A.G. and Karen Clarke
Mary Costigan
Leslie and Douglas Couper
Margaret and Richard Curran, Jr
Judith Currier
Connie and Charles Dayton
David Drake
Emily and Edward Demetriou
John Edwards
Elizabeth Ehrenfeld
Linda and Samuel Emerson
Karen and Fredric Farber
Bonnie and John Esposito
Peter Farnum
Julie and John Fay
Mary and Tim Follo
Dorry French
Celine and Benjamin Frueh
Marc Gagnon
Judith Gass
Tom and Peggy Gilbert
Susan Gilpin
Susan and Jerome Goldberg
Ann and Jim Goggin
Jean and John Gulliver
Christine and Savas Gundez
Nancy and Steve Hall
Mary and John Hanifin
Charles Harriman
Amy and Jed Harris
Steve Hayes and Carol McCarthy
Sally Heald
Rebecca and Caleb Hemphill
Amanda and John Henson
Miranda and Bruce Henning
Alison and Horace Hildreth
Daniel Hildreth
Susan Howe
Sherry Huber
Anne Hurst and Robert Nanovic
Janet Hutchinson
The Jana Fund
Susan Jennings
Justine and Tommy Johnson
Richard and Stephanie Jordan
Carol and Saul Katz
Amy Keating
Laura and Matthew Kelley
Elise Kiely
Ellen and Dick Klain
Elizabeth and Kurt Klebe
Linda and Carl Labbe
Gregory Lanou
Grace Lashua
Solange and Edward LeBorgne
Michelle Leavy and Charlie Katz
Nancy and John Lightbody
Jo Linder and Sam Solish
Beth and Jeff Longcope
Denise and Robert Lord
Jennifer and Sean Mahoney
Robin and Charlie March
David Martines
Barbara and Scott Marr
Kimball Mason
Don McCrann and Susan Soule
Thomas McKeon
Gail and Andy Meyer
Brian Milliken
Jane and William Moody
Mary and Kenneth Nelson
Jennifer and Jay Nolan
Wendy and Tim Paradis
Robin and Daniel Pearl
Teresa and Sam Pierce
Julie Plummer and Armand Shiben
Martina and Frederick Roediger
Mila Plavsic and Todd Rogow
Lisa Patterson
Nathan Poore
Robin Ratcliffe and Lawrence Pixley
Gary Reed
Barbara Reed
Deborah Reed
Rachel and David Reed
Erica and Ron Reilly
Lindsay and Daniel Richman
Bonita Rodden
Nova and Christopher Rogers
Susan and Frank Ruch Jr
Hannah Russell
Kris Sahonchik and Richard Olson
Patricia Sanborn
Scott Sanford
Barbara and Alden Sawyer, Jr
Janet and Richard Scala
John Scully
Catherine Sexton and Jeff Walker
Jennifer Shapiro and Daniel Soley
Barbara and Peter Shaw
Elizabeth and Richard Simonds Jr
Joan Smith
Nancy Snow
Jenifer Stewart
Didi and A. Holmes Stockly
Valerie Stone
Peter Stoops
Victoria and Peter Swerdlow
James Tait
Kate and Matt Thomas
Bonnie and Jed Troubh
Edith Tucker
Majorie Twombly
John Van C. Parker
Jean Wandel
Carol Ward and Chuck DeSieyes
Ann Williamson
Madeline White
Elizabeth Wiles
Anne and Robert Wood
Anne Woodbury
John Zinn
Karen and Jonathan Zuckerman

Corporate Sponsors

Thank you to these local businesses that support FLT and the community value of land conservation

Diversified Communications





USA Wine West LLC



H.M. Payson