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The Falmouth Land Trust is working to protect some of the values that make Falmouth a wonderful place to live. We are excited to announce the new Falmouth Land Trust Membership Program.  If you are a trail user, enjoy our properties or would like to become involved in conserving open space and supporting the work of your local land trust, please consider becoming a member and encourage your friends and neighbors to join. Together we can ensure that Falmouth remains a unique place to live for generations to come. Membership benefits include discounts on programs, free use of gear, and an annual membership sticker.


Senior/ Student Membership: 25.00

Individual Membership: 40.00

Family Membership: 60.00

Business Membership: 100.00

You can make become a member here via PayPal,  just choose the desired membership amount:


You can send a check to:

Falmouth Land Trust
P.O. Box 6172
Falmouth, ME 04105

Please contact if you have any questions.

 Thank you for your support!

Become a Steward

Falmouth Land Trust stewards are volunteers who want to get to know a particular FLT property better.  As a steward, you would walk the property at least once a year to ensure that it remains in good condition.  If your chosen property is a new acquisition or easement, you would help the trust to establish baseline records on the condition of the land with photographs, maps, and written descriptions. Stewards may also organize trail construction/maintenance days and participate in land trust events, such as a public walk, on the property.

For more information about stewardship opportunities, please contact the FLT at

Create / Maintain Trails

The trust periodically needs help blazing trails or clearing brush – this is a great way to get some outdoor exercise.  No experience is needed plus kids and dogs are usually welcome.

To help with any FLT property, please contact FLT at

To join the Falmouth Conservation Corps, which does trail work on town lands and FLT properties, please contact the Town’s Open Space Ombudsman, Bob Shafto.

Lead a Walk

If you want to share your appreciation and/or knowledge about nature with others, consider leading an FLT walk on a Trust property.  Whether you like to point out birds, flowers, trees, human artifacts, etc. or just really admire a particular property, leading a walk is a great way to contribute to the work of the Trust.

If you are interesting in leading one of the upcoming walks, please contact the FLT at

Plan an Event

Do you have a marketing, fund raising or public relations background?  Can you throw a great party?  If you answered yes to either of those questions, consider helping the Trust with outreach, fundraising, and event planning.

Please contact the Trust at for more information.

Conserve Your Land

There are a number of ways that Falmouth landowners can work with us to preserve land, and in return landowners will gain tax advantages that can help reduce your taxes and taxes on your estate.

The three most common conservation methods ensure the permanent protection of the special features of your property:

Conservation Easements.  A conservation easement limits the type and scope of development allowed on your property in perpetuity. A conservation easement allows you to keep ownership of the land for personal use, and the restrictions convey with the property when it is sold.

Donations.  You can donate land outright to the Falmouth Land Trust, or you may donate a conservation easement. In exchange for protecting a special piece of land, you will receive estate and income tax benefits.

Selling Your Land. You may sell your land or the development rights to Falmouth Land Trust through bargain sales, installment sales, right of first refusals, etc. These agreements offer varying levels of land protection and tax relief.

Other conservation methods such as leases, deed restrictions, mutual covenants and management agreements are possible, but do not necessarily ensure permanent conservation of your land or provide substantial tax benefits.

If you would like to talk with the Falmouth Land Trust about options for donating your land to the trust, contact FLT at

Join the Board

If you are interested in playing an advisory or leadership role in the Trust, consider serving on the Board of Trustees.  Please contact the FLT at for information on joining the Board.