FLT Logo T-Shirts For Sale

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Oct 312017

FLT is now selling organic cotton t-shirts with our logo!

In addition to using PayPal below, you can also call the office and process a payment over the phone. They seem to run a little small so bear in mind when ordering sizes.


Hurricane Valley Farm Final Payment

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Oct 262017

In 2015, the Falmouth Land Trust protected Hurricane Valley Farm–one of the last intact, historic farms in town–prior to it being converted into a housing sub-division. The Trust raised funds from private and public sources to close on the 62-acre property and extinguished the subdivision order. We are working to restore the property to crop production with our partner Cultivating Community. However, FLT has a remaining debt of $20,000 that must be retired by December 2017.

For every $100 you donate to this cause, you will receive a free organic t-shirt with FLT’s new logo!

Visit our GoFundMe page for more details.

The Problem with Plastics Poster Contest

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Jun 302017

Our WINNERS are Paige Giard and Nate S.

This spring the Falmouth Land Trust (FLT) donated a water bottle filling station to the Falmouth Elementary School (FES). This filling station provides students and staff with cool clean water and encourages them to fill reusable water bottles rather than buying single use plastic water bottles. FES also ran a sale of water bottles to raise funds for another filling station. To celebrate the water filling station and water bottle sale, FLT held a poster contest for FES students. The posters had to show how we can reduce single use plastic consumption and reuse what we’ve already got. There were some great submissions and we are so excited to announce Paige Giard, a 4th grader at FES, and Nate S. as our winners. Congratulations!


Hurricane Valley Farm Planning

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Jun 192017

Please join the Falmouth Land Trust, the Resilience Hub and Cultivating Community for a conversation about the future design and function of the Hurricane Valley Farm as an agricultural space. These Falmouth events will take place:

June 19th: Hurricane Valley Farm Walking Tour — 4:30 pm

June 20th: Motz Activity Center (Lunt & Middle Road) — 6 pm to 8 pm

June 27th: Gisland Farm (Rt 1) — 6 pm to 8 pm

Trails Are Very Wet!

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May 262017

With almost two and a half inches of rain falling these past two days, please consider staying off the trails this weekend if possible, and give them a chance to dry off. Every day they get to dry means better trail conditions the rest of the year as well as less maintenance burden for the stewards and trail maintenance volunteers. If you are on the trails, please do not widen them by hiking or biking around them. Thanks!

Troop 93 Has the Answer to Mucky Trails: Bog Bridges!

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May 232017

On Saturday, May 20, 11 Boy Scouts from Troop 93 descended upon some of Blackstrap Hill Preserve’s boggier sections to make them passable for hikers. With the help of a few parents, some elbow grease, a minibike, and a towline, sections of wood were brought into the forest on the Preserve’s Red Trail to create bog bridges, which utilize sections of elevated planking to keep hikers’ boots dry and muck-free.

Members of Boy Scout Troop 93 help build bog bridges at Blackstrap Hill Preserve.

Members of Boy Scout Troop 93 stand on the bog bridging they helped build at Blackstrap Hill Preserve.

Trails To Open!

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May 122017

Despite the coming heavy rains we plan to open Blackstrap Hill Preserve Friday May 12, with the expectation that it will rain with little traffic on Sunday and then dry out during the week quickly. This is the last trail system to fully open in town and now means that all Town and Trust properties should be open for use.

If you notice any issues on trails requiring attention please contact info@falmouthlandtrust.org with the name of the trail and a rough location of where we can observe the issue. Photos are also appreciated, especially with GPS markup.