Falmouth Land Trust properties accommodate a wide variety of public uses including hiking, biking, canoeing, cross country skiing, and hunting. In order to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors, we ask hunters to review and comply with our hunting program policies and guidelines. Failure to adhere to regulations or rules may result in suspension of hunting privileges or citation by local law enforcement. As a local, not­-for-­profit organization, we ask that hunters consider making a donation to the Trust so that we can continue to sustainably manage our conservation lands for all recreational users. To donate, click here or contact Falmouth Land Trust at 207.200.5488. Please be aware that lands on which the Falmouth Land Trust holds a conservation easement are private property and the Land Trust does not have the authority to grant permission to hunt on these lands.

Hunting Rules & Regulations

  1. Hunters must possess a valid Maine hunting license and comply with all applicable State and Town hunting regulations at all times. If there is any conflict between these rules and state or local regulations, the state or local regulations will prevail.

  2. Hunters on FLT owned land must seek permission each season in advance of hunting by contacting the Executive Director at or by calling 207-200-5488. Hunters must carry written confirmation of the permission granted by FLT.

  3. Falmouth allows hunting by shotgun and archery only. See Town regulations for specific rules. No baiting of bears is allowed on FLT properties.

  4. Only temporary, non­-damaging deer stands or chairs may be used. ABSOLUTELY NO PERMANENT TREE STANDS ARE ALLOWED. No live branches are to be trimmed during installation or use. The hunter may put up a stand no more than 7 days before the start of the season and it must be removed within 7 days after the close of the season. No stands shall be placed within 100 feet of a property boundary or defined trail system. Stands left unattended must be identified with the owner’s name and contact information. Failure to comply with this tree stand policy may result in the removal and disposal of the tree stand by FLT. Falmouth Land Trust has no responsibility for lost or damaged stands left unattended. Please be considerate of other hunters and space stands appropriately.

  5. No target shooting, practice, or gun ranges are permitted on FLT lands. Be sure of your target and shoot to make a clean kill; indiscriminate or wild shooting will not be tolerated.

  6. Drinking alcohol or using controlled substances is not allowed on any FLT property or in any adjacent parking areas.

  7. Hunting is allowed on only the following Falmouth Land Trust owned properties, unless otherwise restricted by State or Town regulations. They can be found by searching for the Parcel ID on the Town’s Online Mapping website at

    1. Blackstrap Hill Preserve (PID 1072)

    2. Carr Preserve (PID 101355)

    3. Hurricane Valley Farm (PID 1057)

    4. Falmouth Corners Preserve (Parcel ID TBD)

  8. Town of Falmouth hunting zones and guidelines can be found at  

  9. State of Maine hunting regulations can be found at

  10. Some FLT properties have limited or no access from public roads. Access may only be from abutting private properties which may require separate permission to cross.

  11. Hunters are responsible for knowing the boundary of the property on which you are hunting. On some properties, the boundary lines are marked with small green and white FLT signs.

  12. If an injured animal goes onto an abutting property, you may retrieve it only if you have acquired permission from the lawful owner.

  13. Gutting of your game on FLT property is allowed, but entrails must be left at least 100 feet from any trail and property boundary.

  14. FLT asks that all users abide by the “Leave No Trace” land ethic. This includes no fires, camping, littering (including the use of plastic flagging), or dumping of waste on the property.

  15. The use of wheeled vehicles including ATVs and dirt bikes is strictly prohibited on FLT properties for the purpose of hunting. If you need to get larger game out of the woods, a deer carrier or sled may be used.

  16. All other FLT property rules and regulations must be followed at all times by all hunters. We have the right to remove you by contacting local authorities if you are not following the specific property rules.

  17. It is illegal for any person to willfully interfere with the lawful hunting of any wild animal or wild bird, including the willful disturbance of wild animals or wild birds with intent to interfere with their lawful taking. Please contact the FLT, local authorities, and the Maine Warden service if you are being harassed.

Please remember that you are sharing the woods with other recreational users and their pets, be courteous and smart. Don’t put yourself or another in an unsafe situation.

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